Guide to public transport in Paris

Know where you want to go? We've got the transport covered.
Nothing beats the metro or bus for getting about and coming into contact with Parisians. And for night travel you have the Noctilien. Want to get out to the suburbs? The Francilien will take you there.


With 16 lines and almost 300 stations, the Paris metro is the simplest, fastest and most practical mode of transport to travel in the capital. It operates every day, including public holidays, between around 6:00AM and 12:30AM. On Friday and Saturday evenings services run until 2:15AM. An entrance to a metro station is marked by a large M followed by the line number and terminus served. Your ticket is valid for 2 hours as long as you have not left the metro system through the exit gates.

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The Francilien

Travel in the Ile de France region is simple with the Transilien network. It comprises 13 train lines, 5 of which are RER (Réseau Express Régional) lines, serving 388 stations. Fares vary according to your journey. Information is available from all stations in the region.


Trains leave from the main Paris stations (Nord, Est, Lyon, Austerlitz, Montparnasse, Saint-Lazare) and tickets are on sale at the "Ile-de-France" ticket offices and ticket machines at the stations. They are also sold in the metro/RER stations.


To travel on the Transilien system, and more generally on the Ile de France transport network, you must start your journey with a ticket which is valid for the whole journey and hold onto it until you leave the network. Children under 4 travel free on our services. They do not require a ticket. The Île-de-France region is split into 6 fare zones. When purchasing your ticket, the zones selected must include your point of departure, the zones you will cross and your point of arrival.


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The Noctilien

The Noctilien night bus operates 47 lines providing transport in the Ile-de-France region throughout the night. There are a total of more than 2,000 stops, providing inhabitants of the Ile de France region with a local bus service to more than 200 towns.


You can travel on the Noctilien night bus around Paris and the Ile de France region between 1:00AM and 5:00AM (once the metro and trains have stopped running.

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Paris Visite pass

The tourist pass. A Paris Visite pass gives you unlimited* travel in Paris and the Paris region*:


- for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days,

- in the zones you wish to visit during your stay.


• If you are only going to travel in Paris and the suburbs nearest the capital (Vincennes, Stade de France, etc.), buy a Paris Visite pass for zones 1 - 3.


• A Paris Visite pass for zones 1 - 6 lets you travel in the entire Île-de-France region! This option is valid for travel to Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports.


The Paris Visite pass is not available from the ticket machines, you need to go to a ticket office to buy it. A reduced price pass is available for children aged 4-11 years. Paris Visite is more than just a ticket, it entitles you to benefits at partner attractions. Simply present your Paris Visite pass (pass and valid coupon) at our partners' ticket offices.

Ticket T+

The "t+" ticket is valid for one journey:


- on the RER, metro or a combination of the two, in Paris city centre (zone 1),
- on the metro, including stations outside the centre,
- on the bus or tramway, with the option of changing buses (excludes the Noctilien service and special fare buses such as the airport buses) and changing from bus to tramway.


Please note:- With the "t+" ticket you can't combine a journey which is part bus/tramway and part train/RER/metro. - The tickets are not valid on the Voguéo service

Travel to Charles de Gaulle airport

With the RER B, take off without the traffic jams! There are at least 8 trains an hour in both directions between Paris city centre and the airport until 11:00PM. Best journey time: 29 minutes.


The airport's terminal 2 is in the same building as the Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2 station. You can travel between the two by escalator. Terminals 1 and 3 are accessible from the Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 1 station. For terminal 1, take the free automatic shuttle service - CDGVAL - which runs from the centre of the station. Terminal 3 can be accessed on foot (5 minutes, signposted). - Between midnight and 5:00AM the Noctilien night buses take over from the RER service. Two services - N140 and N143 - depart approximately every 30 minutes