Northern France travel guide

Flanders, another world
According to the proverb "You cry twice in the North". Once when you arrive, because you're not particularly looking forward to this region with its blackened image of mining villages and grey weather, and the second time is when you leave, as it's always heart-wrenching when you have to tear yourself away from its fabulously warm hospitality. Lille is the capital of this striking region, the only one in France that hasn't got it's own name. It's simply referred to as "the North".
Lille Chambre de Commerce
© Maxime Dufour
Things to do in Lille
Wander round the city: Grand Place to the Palais des Beaux-Arts
The Place du Général-de-Gaulle is the centre point of the city and the essential point of departure and arrival for any visit to Lille. For the people of Lille, the "Grand Place" is where is all happens, and a place where friends meet up for a pleasant coffee.
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Lille Grand Place
© Don Muschte Steden
Lille travel guide
Lille: our pick of places to visit
Lille is a city with a special place in our hearts. A city we'll never forget. Thanks to the warmth of its people, its beautiful lights and so many brilliant Flemish paintings... So here's our pick of must see places.
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Roubaix La Piscine
© Charlie Abad/Photononstop
Lille Surroundings
Roubaix and Villeneuve-d'Ascq
Lille is the capital city of France's Nord-Pas-de-Calais region but it has an inextricable link with the surrounding urban area, the beautiful city attracting visitors to the region as a whole and in return drawing on the latter's best resources. For something completely different, discover the Flemish hills, old Belgian towns and some unmissable metropolitan tourist attractions… You'll definitely get away from it all!
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