The pink granite coast of Brittany

Brittany and its painters
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Christened the "pink granite coast", Brittany's coastline from the Perros-Guirec bay to the Léguer estuary owes its name to the unusual orange-pink colour of its rocks. The light caresses the granite and stirs the turquoise seas on this part of the Tregor coast, fuelling the inspiration of many a painter.

Enjoy nature: stopover at Seven Isles

This group of islands is a nature reserve, home to no fewer than 27 species. Hop on a boat to get close-up to gannets, guillemots, auks and grey seals, while listening to a fascinating commentary!


Feel like adventure? Visit diving school Joly Plongées for dive to the depths of the ocean to discover the underwater fauna and flora.



The charms of Perros-Guirec

Back on dry land, you will be captivated by the charms of Perros-Guirec, particularly its Saint Jacques church with the 12th century Romanesque nave. Feeling peckish? Lunch at Le Bélouga restaurant, where all dishes are cooked on site, is guaranteed to wake up your taste buds and put a spring in your step!  (Le Bélouga, Hôtel Apaga, rue des Bons-Enfants)



Pleumeur-Bodou, a journey back in time

Let one of Brittany's most beautiful standing stones, the Saint Uzec Menhir, christianised in the 17th century, transports you back to Neolithic times before you are propelled straight back to the 20th century at the Cité des Télécoms.


You can't fail to miss the Radôme, the giant sphere housing a 340 ton aerial which has been turned into a performance venue. Finally, the kids will love playing with the old traditional toys in the reconstructed Gallic village! (Le Village Gaulois leisure park, Cosmopolis site)


Tip: If you feel like taking a dip there are two magnificent beaches in the area around Trégastel: Sink your feet into the fine white sand of the Grève Blanche beach ... or visit Toul Drez beach, at the mouth of the Renotte peninsula, at sunset when its pink sands turn almost red - a spectacle of nature not to be missed!



Ploumanac’h, a feast for the eyes

The paintings of Maurice Denis depicted nature at its most resplendent in Perros and your own experience will be no less spectacular with the breathtaking panoramic views on offer on the Ploumanac’h coastal path (Sentier des Douaniers).


The Maison du Littoral offers various themed guided tours free of charge. Next stop, the mysterious shadows of the Vallée des Traouïeros. Its gorges hidden deep under thick vegetation act as a perfect counterpart to the coastal light prized by painters. (La Maison du Littoral, sentier des douaniers, chemin du Phare)


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